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Invisalign treatments in Ramsey, NJ

A beautiful smile builds self-confidence and adds more charm to life. The smallest imperfections in your teeth can bring down the beauty of your smile. Invisalign® system is particularly designed to correct imperfections by straightening the teeth. The system has a series of aligners which are specifically fabricated to suit the needs of every patient. Our general dentist has helped many people own beautiful smiles using Invisalign® in the city of Ramsey, New Jersey. Come and visit our dental office to know how our treatment can help you improve your smile.

How is Invisalign helpful?

As an orthodontic treatment, Invisalign aligners do the wonderful task of moving the teeth to the right position. They are capable of curing a number of orthodontic problems which include Cross Bite, crowding, Open Bite, gaps between the teeth, Over Bite and Under Bite. Unlike braces which have wires that should be tightened periodically, Invisalign system has a series of aligners which simply have to be exchanged one after the other. The aligners can be removed by patients when they clean their teeth during the day. Invisalign systems are comfortable to wear. Since cleaning is not a problem with the aligners, they give patients the freedom of eating whatever they like. The aligners are virtually invisible when placed on the teeth which means an orthodontic treatment does not stop patients from taking part in special events and social gatherings.

Why Invisalign®?

Align Technology, the organization which makes Invisalign®, has reformed the methodology of Orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® framework is made of smooth BPA free plastic which is easy to wear. Since the plate is basically invisible, patients are free from the humiliation of wearing thick and unattractive braces. The aligners are removable which gives patients the freedom to eat their favorite foods. Patients get a new pair of aligners at regular intervals. A meeting with our dental practitioner at regular intervals can help them check the progress of the treatment.

Invisalign® Benefits

Invisalign® system is designed with the intention to provide a virtually invisible solution for the orthodontic problem. The aligners are made of BPA free plastic. They are smooth and are convenient to wear. Since the aligners can be removed it is easier for patients to clean their teeth and maintain oral hygiene. The Invisalign® system is virtually invisible which means that the patient may not find it embarrassing to wear the aligners as compared to thick metal braces.

Our office, situated in Ramsey, New Jersey, offers quality treatment to patients who are looking for a smile makeover. Consult our cosmetic dentist to know about our Invisalign® treatments.

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