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What Is the Best Time to Get a Dental Implant?

When you want to have a tooth extracted, it is critical that you replace it in an attempt to uphold your beauty and oral health. A sole missing tooth can cause the configuration of the remainder of your natural teeth to move out of position, affecting your bite. Because of the benefits, a rising number of people are choosing dental implants which are long-lasting. In our previous blog, we have explained 6 tips to pick out the finest dentist to affix dental implants in Ramsey. However, when opting for this treatment, various factors must be considered.

3 Appropriate Time to Receive a Dental Implants in Ramsey:

1. Immediate Option

The first option is immediate dental implant installation. However you may be recommended to wait one to two months just after a tooth is extracted. An instant placement involves inserting a dental implant while extracting your organic tooth. This option is usually recommended when the bone socket is still mostly intact. Waiting 1 to 2 months after tooth extraction enables rapid gum recovery, which is beneficial. Affixing a dental implant around this period guarantees that it is concealed by gum tissue. Therefore it can offer great cosmetic results.

2. The Long Term Option

The second option is to wait for a minimum of three to four months until placing dental implants to allow for bone healing. Going for dental implants in Ramsey aids in osseointegration, resulting in a sturdy and robust dental implant that is entirely connected to your jawbone.

3. The Third Option

The third option is to simply wait for four to six months until placing a dental implant to allow for complete bone recovery. This may be particularly useful if the empty cavity was damaged by any disease.

It is understandable that most people would desire to obtain their dental implants as quickly as feasible. But highly skilled periodontists always want to guarantee that each and every treatment is a success. You might be recommended to wait longer before undergoing implant surgery.

However, it is vital to note that the longer you leave a missing tooth unattended, the faster the gums and the bone underneath degrade. Hence you should visit a dentist to get that vacant space filled on time.


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